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000-Slow Down, 2010001-Dirksen Road, 2014002-Garden Party, 2010003-Unicorns, 2016004-Labyrinth, 2011005-Davy Bossin, 2012006-Payday, 2011007-First Day of Summer, 2015008-Ferry To Gabriola, 2012009-Morning Ferry, 2009010-Old Crow, 2013011-Eagle at Brickyard Beach, 2016012-Antony Holland, Remenbrance Day, 2009013-Garden Girl, 2012014-Circus, 2009015-Harmac, 2014016-Contemplation Station, 2010017-Orlebar Point, 2012018-Tie-Dye, 2012019-Dancing Man Festival, 2011